We make your systems explainable.

We do this by applying systematically moldable development: we construct custom tools for each problem and expose it in a way that people can relate to. And we work with both legacy systems and with new ones.

When it comes to legacy systems, we help teams to assess the current state, make a decision of a path to action and steer the subsequent evolution of the system.

With new systems, we express the business model in both visual and executable manner so that domain experts can communicate with technical people.

Strategic assessment

So, you have a legacy system. First, that's a positive thing. Still, you want to know what to do next. Should you migrate? Should you split it? And how about the challenge of adding that new crosscutting functionality?

We build custom tools to let you estimate and observe the impact of your decisions on the reality of the system. And we guide you through the whole process, from the technical aspects to the business part.

Steering agile architecture

Ok, maybe you already know what you want to do with your legacy system, but the architecture stops you from doing it.

We help you steer it. We capture your existing ideas and rules into executable constraints, we visualize the violations, and we get the team to incorporate all these in their daily work.

Executable specifications

Ideas are funny animals. They look great on paper because paper can support anything. If you want accurate feedback, make them executable. Capture the domain in code and visualize it to make it approachable for non technical people. We show you how.