The Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable integrated development environment. For Pharo. It is made of components that are programmable inexpensively while using the tool itself. And it is open-source under an MIT license.

What's interesting about it? It offers a fundamentally new perspective on programming. It's not the features that make the difference. Yes, we do have cool widgets and fancy code analyses, but our goal is to change the way you experience software. You can read about it, but to understand it, you have to play with it. And engage with us. We'd love to hear from you.


Playground & Inspector

The Inspector lets you define custom presentations for each and every object. And then it enables you to navigate through them. Inexpensively.

The Playground powers up the inspector and makes the code part of the live inspection flow.


Debugger is a debugger. Go figure. Only, in true moldable fashion, it also lets you build custom debuggers that can be switched to during debugging time.


Coder is for manipulating the static code. It's both standalone and integrated in the Inspector.


Transcript is a stream of events. It's a live visual environment that enables in-place interaction with the logged events.


Documenter makes creating and consuming code documentation and tutorials a beautiful experience directly in the environment. And it transforms the environment into a data science tool.


Visualizer makes visualization a first-class citizen in the environment. It contains a few programmable engines including Mondrian, for drawing graphs, and Connector, for identifying connections between various objects.


Examples is a slim engine that lets you define examples throughout the code and use them for documentation or testing. Through Examples, a developer can switch rapidly from the static code to a live environment and program in the presence of objects. In essence, it enables example-driven development.


The Glamorous Toolkit runs on top of Pharo.

To install it, first get a Pharo 6.1 specific to your system, and then execute the following code in a Pharo 6.1 image:

Metacello new
      baseline: 'GToolkit';
      repository: 'github://feenkcom/gtoolkit/src';
#GtWorld asClass openTour.

Executing the above code loads all code related to the new generation of the Glamorous Toolkit, and the extra plugin for the Pharo virtual machine that enables beautiful rendering. It also opens an initial inspector on a document that provides a guided tour.