Redocumenting Architecture

Ambitious projects tend to diverge from the originally envisaged structure. As a result, the real architecture erodes, and changing the system becomes more and more expensive. In this situation, it is often beneficial to take a step back and redocument the architecture. Older architectural documents offer little value, when the structure of the real system is astray. We offer a systematic approach to redocumenting architecture based on extensive analyses and interaction with the team.

Standard offer

Phase 0: Kickoff architecture workshop

We start with a kickoff workshop in which we approach the team and the system. This involves both technical and non-technical people, and the goal is to identify the initial set of problems that people already know about and that need further analysis.

Phase 1: Redocumenting (consulting)

We analyze the identified problems and construct custom tools to expose them. We work together with the team to refine the initial problems and identify corrective actions.

Phase 2..n: periodic assessment

To ensure the long lasting quality of the architecture, we assess the status of the architecture at regular intervals of typically 6 months.